Keys To A Good Interior Design

Without further ado, we went on to list five keys for good interior design. They are not all that is but if they are all that is, therefore we will continue publishing more articles with fundamental characteristics that a good interior designer must have or a good interior design work.

Good Preliminary Analysis And Theoretical Study

Where you see an excellent job of interior design before there has been a good initial analysis and academic research. Every good project begins with a thorough prior analysis and detailed review of the specific case. Without a sound theoretical knowledge of all the variables and premises that we have, we will hardly get a good result. We will analyze the object of the assignment, the objectives, the way to get them, the points in favor, against, the methodology to follow … we must perform an intro mission exercise in the mind of our client, trying to feel like him, live like him, think As the…. and by ourselves, analyze all the weapons that we have to offer a solution in the form of an architectural project. This will be personalized, unique and non-transferable, in which nothing has been left to chance and improvisation. Any decision taken will be supported by a sufficiently robust argument and the result of that phase of the previous study that justifies every one of them.

Balance In Interior Design

An excellent architectural project is one in which the aesthetic, functional and structural factors have reached a point of total balance. Although in particular cases and due to circumstances at any time justifiable, the situation may arise that one of them has more presence than the rest.

If you are thinking of hiring an interior designer, the balance of these factors in your future project will not be able to evaluate it afterward, but if you can analyze the projects carried out in advance by the interior designer.

Follow-Up Of The Execution

The execution is another part of the interior design equal or perhaps more important than the initial phase of creativity and definition of the project. As in birth, no father would like to miss the birth of his child. And what’s more, a proper execution could lessen the effect of specific project errors, but a bad performance will undoubtedly destroy any project however good it might be.

During this phase, it is likely that modifications will arise, different interpretations … hence we should never lose contact with the project until the end. The decisions that affect it will always be “focused” in a single direction, thus maintaining the initial thread.